CTEK Initiatives

Each one of CTEK’s Initiatives aims to target a different hurdle that hinders the development of entrepreneurship. They all intertwine together in a way to break down barriers to entrepreneurship as a whole.


The GMN Initiative is about the Internet of People, building a worldwide digital/human portal to broaden the connection between Mentors and Mentees to guide the growth of entrepreneurism in needy segments of the economy.


Ideas can grow out of thin air, but money does not, and ideas need money to thrive. CTEK is working to implement a technology infrastructure to serve organizations that provide capital to underserved entrepreneurs worldwide.


A neighborhood innovation center is the first place where the most underserved entrepreneur walks in the door. CTEK is developing a best-practices “Playbook” that can significantly improve the Center’s success rate.


Many women in the Middle East and North Africa face challenges to entrepreneurship due to religious and cultural norms, yet they can still be included in the online world by introducing them to coding as a business.



Overcoming some of the political, economic, and social barriers that plague startup entrepreneurs in Latin America requires a commitment to the “long game” in teaching young entrepreneurs how to succeed.