Global Initatives

Global Mentor Network:

Connection: The GMN Initiative is about the Internet of People, building a worldwide digital/human portal to broaden the connection between Mentors and Mentees to guide the growth of entrepreneurism in needy segments of the economy.

Current mentor networks are siloed, inefficient and often used as competitive magnets or closed systems to draw mentees into proprietary programs. This Initiative creates a broad-based system where worthy and under-served Mentees can be matched (and guided) by trusted “Curators” to a wide range of experienced Mentors. Mentors control who they choose to help and who they elect to curate the Mentees to fit their requirements. Curators control the Mentee access to Mentors in a transparent way, showing Mentors how Curators can be a trusted source to send Mentors only those Mentees that are appropriate. If your organization can benefit from mentorship, for you or those you serve, please consider joining our Global Mentor Network initiative.

Microlending Technology Platform:

Capital: Ideas can grow out of thin air, but money does not, and ideas need money to thrive. CTEK is working to implement a technology infrastructure to serve organizations that provide capital to underserved entrepreneurs worldwide. Technology can reduce the costs of operations and lending for micro-finance institutions, CDFIs and others who lend to those who face severe barriers to obtaining capital. A shared, open-sourced platform translates directly into higher rates of sustainability for the organization, and lower interest rates for the entrepreneur. CTEK’s role is to find the best technology and interface from the best partners who can build, test, implement and maintain the platform. If you are a micro-lender, microfinance organization or CDFI, this initiative could dramatically enhance your ability to cost-effectively serve your entrepreneurs.

Neighborhood Innovation Center:

Community: A neighborhood innovation center is the first place where the most underserved entrepreneur walks in the door. CTEK is developing a best-practices “Playbook” that can significantly improve the Center’s success rate.

Many individuals and organizations seek funding to start a neighborhood innovation center, called a “NIC” (co-location facility or impact hub) in their town, but they lack the knowledge on how to do that successfully. They also lack the buy-in from the local community, corporations, service providers and government that is needed to make them successful. The NIC Playbook shows how to start and run a center that welcomes diversity and embodies inclusion. There are sections for each stakeholder to sign and literally “get on the same page” and, once completed, the NIC champion will attain the support of a group of NIC partners who will provide money, resources, programs, products and other support. If you are a leader looking to start and build capacity for an entrepreneurial ecosystem in your community, completing the Playbook requirements and garnering stakeholder support in your community can lead to grants of funding and services.stakeholder support in your community can lead to grants of funding and services.