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The ripple effect of collaboration in technology can transform the world.

Our Mission
CTEK’s mission is to break down barriers to entrepreneurship worldwide.

We live in a highly connected, global society, so solving problems in silos for just one community, one city, one country, without thinking of the ripple effects that extend beyond our borders, is like tossing a penny in sand, quickly swallowed up by the surrounding forces and leaving no trace of its brief effort at impact. Entrepreneurship is not only the single most powerful solution to poverty alleviation, it also bears the promise of great innovation that benefits the broader society, but great innovation is also a collaborative endeavor.

CTEK harnesses our collective power to break down barriers to entrepreneurship. Our three-part strategy is to be WORLDWIDE in scope, EFFECTIVE in choosing what is selected, and EFFICIENT in how we use  time and money. These “WE2 Initiatives” effect change for millions of people and achieve our mission of opening access across the entire supply chain of entrepreneurship to foster inclusion in our entrepreneurial ecosystem. The only barrier to entrepreneurship should be dreaming something worthy.

CTEK collaborates with corporations, nonprofits and individuals on global initiatives that bring Connection, Capital and Community to the most underrepresented and underserved entrepreneurs in our ecosystem. Our partners are mission-aligned and co-fund alongside CTEK’s commitments, providing money, goods and services. CTEK’s role in these initiatives is to explore and discover the best partners, providers, practices and solutions, then work towards our shared purpose to achieve and measure the affects of the initiatives.

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Global Mentor Network

Connection: The GMN Initiative is about the Internet of People, building a worldwide digital/human portal to broaden the connection between Mentors and Mentees to guide the growth of entrepreneurism in needy segments of the economy. More…

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Microlending Technology Platform

Capital:   Ideas can grow out of thin air, but money does not, and ideas need money to thrive. CTEK is working to implement a technology infrastructure to serve organizations that provide capital to underserved entrepreneurs worldwide. More….

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Neighborhood Innovation Center

Community: A neighborhood innovation center is the first place where the most underserved entrepreneur walks in the door. CTEK is developing a best-practices “Playbook” that can significantly improve the Center’s success rate. More…

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Commitment: Overcoming some of the political, economic, and social barriers that plague startup entrepreneurs in Latin America requires a commitment to the “long game” in teaching young entrepreneurs how to succeed. More…


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Women in the MENA

Collaboration: Many women in the Middle East and North Africa face challenges to entrepreneurship due to cultural norms, yet they can still be included in the online world by introducing them to coding as a business. More…


About CTEK

CTEK is a public, nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Our partnerships span the globe to bring entrepreneurism to diverse, underserved markets. The origin of the CTEK name dates back to 1989 when the Boulder Technology Incubator (BTI) was founded as a community-funded organization that helped local technology startups. Lu Cordova took the reins during the 2000 tech recession, doing business as “CTEK” (Colorado-Tech), and it grew from housing a handful of companies to working with hundreds of companies per year with over 8000 volunteers in the largest mentor database in the nation. Sister company CTEK Angels invested millions into Colorado startups. Both CTEK and it’s companies won numerous awards during this high-growth period but ceased meaningful operations shortly after Cordova’s retirement in 2005. Cordova resurrected the name “CTEK” in 2018 with a new nonprofit and an expanded mission to break down barriers to entrepreneurship worldwide. Now the “C” stands for CTEK’s tenants of collaboration, capital, community and connection with a focus on using technology to open access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A special thanks to CTEK alumni who made the transition possible: Deb Conroy, Mark Feuer, Nicole Glaros, John Hill, Mike Murphy, and Todd Oliver. Additional thanks to Techstars and the Techstars Foundation for their support and guidance to make this transition possible. 

Give Back: Donate Today

Are you someone who has received much in this world and feel it’s time to give back? Do you have a passion for breaking down barriers, giving underrepresented entrepreneurs a chance to succeed? Do you understand the power of entrepreneurship in lifting people out of poverty? Do you believe than great innovation comes from different experiences?

Help make the world of entrepreneurship as colorful as the transformative ideas that they bring. CTEK provides a way to Give Back for everyone who believes that innovative ideas come from ALL walks of life. Please talk to us about how you can create stronger entrepreneurial communities worldwide, across gender, ethnicity, socio-economic, cultural, geographic, and other barriers that create a myriad of obstacles that prevent some of the brightest ideas from shining.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information on how to give and types of gifts accepted (cash, check, stock, planned gifts, volunteer time or products and services, among others) please email Donate@CTEK.org. Thank you for giving! 



Congratulations to Code Circle in Amman!

Alexander Althoff Initiatives, Technology Leave a Comment on Congratulations to Code Circle in Amman!

Ms. Jida Sunna from Code Circle in Amman, Jordan has just received her first CTEK grant amounting to $10,000 USD upon her successful submission of her proposal, Code+. Code Circle is an educational company that empowers a new generation of Jordanians through programs that strengthen computer coding, entrepreneurship, and creative skills in youth and create economic potential for adults. Established in late 2019, Code+ is a new initiative of Code Circle with a successful implementation of a pilot in Oman. The unique 48-hour program combined website development, entrepreneurship, and marketing skills. Sixteen out of twenty women trained were able to generate income within one week after completing the program. In mid-July, Code Circle will be training its first cohort of […]