Local MENA Champions

In order to achieve our mission of educating, employing, and empowering women in the MENA region, we believe it is important to form an alliance with local and regional organizations who are committed to the same goals. With our in-country Champions we are able to promote the growth of sustainable local economies and help get us closer to strong, healthy communities. CTEK’s role in our alliance is threefold:

  1. To provide an international network of resources for the local Champions, allowing newer entrants to learn from the successes and failures of mature efforts,
  2. To provide and source additional funding for the Champions to execute on their program plans to teach our unique blend of coding and entrepreneurship.
  3.  To provide world-class mentorship and guidance from top advisors and business accelerators around the world who share out mission to help underserved entrepreneurs.

Code Circle


Code Circle is an educational company that empowers a new generation through programs that strengthen coding, entrepreneurship, and creative skills in youth and adults. We have grown our programs to also focus on educating underserved communities (with emphasis on women) by blending those skills with marketing and business development skills for those who wish to increase their earnings potential.   We are driven by a mission to deliver education programs that instill 21st century skills lacking in our educational systems, those that inspire and enable all those willing with the tools and mindset to learn, lead, and live in a global community.

Grow Learning Space provides unique learning experiences for children and adults alike – particularly in the areas of STEM, creative arts, and entrepreneurship. Grow is synonymous with quality programs – delivering relevant concepts and technologies, utilizing the best educational equipment and tools, to engage the minds of the community. Learners as young as 4 years old enrolled at Grow have the learning opportunity to engage with specifically curated STEM content, designed in-house by Bahrain’s first certified STEM program developer. Grow runs daily sessions, workshops and programs for kids and adults in a variety of topics like science, engineering, physics, computer programming, robotics, business & entrepreneurial skills, web development, & arts to name a few. Grow also runs camps during school holidays, creates custom workshops for schools and corporate clients, and formulates private and customized group sessions.

Geek Express


Geek Express is an Ed-tech startup launched in 2017 in Beirut with the mission to enable K-12 students with the STEAM skills needed in today’s world, through a comprehensive journey of offline workshops, online classes, and DIY kits. With 1200 active students across the MENA and offices in Lebanon and Doha, their curriculum offers more than 30 courses in Coding, Engineering, and Creative Technologies, accessible remotely through their Online Academy and at-home invention kit, the MAKERBOX. One can also opt for the Academy experience at their various locations, and join their extra curricular activities at schools and centers.


MENA Region

Superiors is a innovative mobile and web app development company that consists of a “TechHub”, where we develop creative mobile apps, and an “Innovation Hub ”, where we conduct mobile app development training programs and design thinking bootcamps.

AL Passion


Al Passion is a social enterprise that specializes in behavioral insight and in developing innovative solutions to help people pursue their passion, earn a living, and give back to society. We aim to make behavioral insight accessible for the benefit of youth, women, and entrepreneurs as well as the civil society at large.