Global Mentor Network

Connection in Entrepreneurship

The Global Mentor Network (GMN) Initiative is building a worldwide portal that reaches a wider network of Mentors and Mentees to guide the growth of entrepreneurship in needy segments of the economy.

Current mentor networks are siloed, inefficient and often used as competitive magnets or closed systems to draw mentees into programs. CTEK’s Initiative creates a broad-based system where worthy and under-served Mentees can be matched, guided and tracked by trusted “Curators” to a wide range of experienced, “give first” Mentors. 

GMN is about harnessing the Internet of People. It is building a worldwide Mentor-Mentee digital/human portal where Mentors control who they want to help and who they elect to “curate” the Mentees to fit their requirements. “Curators” control the Mentee access to Mentors in a transparent way, showing Mentors how Curators can be a trusted source to send Mentors only those Mentees that are appropriate. 

We want to broaden the visibility of entrepreneurial Mentors and Mentees to each other to foster the growth of entrepreneurism in needy segments of the economy with successful and gratifying relationships between the participants.