Congratulations to Code Circle in Amman!

Ms. Jida Sunna from Code Circle in Amman, Jordan has just received her first CTEK grant amounting to $10,000 USD upon her successful submission of her proposal, Code+. Code Circle is an educational company that empowers a new generation of Jordanians through programs that strengthen computer coding, entrepreneurship, and creative skills in youth and create economic potential for adults.

Established in late 2019, Code+ is a new initiative of Code Circle with a successful implementation of a pilot in Oman. The unique 48-hour program combined website development, entrepreneurship, and marketing skills. Sixteen out of twenty women trained were able to generate income within one week after completing the program.

In August of this year, Code Circle will be training its first cohort of 16 unemployed women between the ages of 18-35. They will undertake 68 hours of online educational programs combining coding, marketing, entrepreneurship and business management that will prepare them to become economically empowered. This training will continue to take place monthly for a duration of five years. 

Once trained, the women will be better equipped to find employment opportunities, start their own businesses, acquire freelance contracts, and teach other women the skills they have developed. This will help women break through socio-economic barriers in Jordan’s male-dominated business world.

Code+ programs will be taught through a hands-on curriculum by elite digital and entrepreneurship experts and graduates of Information Technology from universities around the world.

Code+ plans to adopt an evergreen model, where previous students pay back a portion of their future income to sponsor the programs of prospective students, thereby paying forward the learning experience for more Jordanian women.

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