Congratulations to Code Circle in Amman!

Ms. Jida Sunna from Code Circle in Amman, Jordan has just received her first CTEK grant amounting to $10,000 USD upon her successful submission of her proposal, Code+. Code Circle is an educational company that empowers a new generation of Jordanians through programs that strengthen computer coding, entrepreneurship, and creative skills in youth and create economic potential for adults. Established in late 2019, Code+ is a new initiative of Code Circle with a successful implementation of a pilot in Oman. The unique 48-hour program combined website development, entrepreneurship, and marketing skills. Sixteen out of twenty women trained were able to generate income within one week after completing the program. In August of this year, Code Circle will be training its […]

The First MENA Women Congress

In 2019, CTEK and its Omani partners  spearheaded the Congress of MENA Women in Muscat, Oman, inviting two delegates each from 12 MENA countries, along with several partners and sponsoring organizations to participate in design sessions for CTEK’s MENA Initiative. Together over three days they crafted a program to empower women in their countries by teaching practical STEM skills combined with entrepreneurship to open up their access to the digital economy. Alongside the MENA Congress, CTEK sponsored a pilot to test its curriculum to see if twenty women could, in one week, learn to build websites, create their own business, and market themselves as freelance entrepreneurs to get clients and begin their journey of economic engagement. It was a resounding […]

CTEK Sends Out RFP to Support the MENA Women Initiative

Request for Proposal MENA Women Coding as Entrepreneurs May 2019 CTEK CTEK is a non-profit based out of Boulder, Colorado, USA, with the mission to break down barriers to entrepreneurship worldwide through a number of regional and global initiatives. Founded by the former president of the Techstars Foundation, Lu Córdova, CTEK builds unique partnerships with individuals, nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses to achieve their collective goal to help underserved entrepreneurs. With each initiative, CTEK first crafts a broad objective and then conducts research to find those individuals and organizations who address the various aspects needed to fulfil an initiative. This is an iterative first step as research reveals important substance and nuance that often results in an evolution of the […]

CTEK partners with the Techstars Foundation, Young Americans Center, Mexican Rotary, Gente Joven por un Cambio, and local Cabo schools to pilot YouthBiz in Latin America

In late May, CTEK hosted a collaboration in Los Cabos, Mexico, between the executive team of Young Americans Center for Financial Education (YACFE) and local Los Cabos leadership, including the Presidents of three Rotary Clubs, the principals of two schools and the Executive Director of a youth center. All participants are excited to launch three pilot programs in the fall to teach YACFE’s YouthBiz entrepreneurship program to teenagers, and involve parents who are eager to support their children and learn alongside them. YACFE is a Denver-based nonprofit committed to developing the financial literacy of young people with real-life experiences and hands-on education. “We had not thought of going to Latin America when we first applied for a grant,” said YACFE C.E.O. Rich […]